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I began working with West Coast Athletic Clubs (Santa Barbara Athletic Club, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, Ojai Valley Athletic Club) through a wonderful partnership with the amazing women of Wells Marketing.

The clubs have the difficult task of setting themselves apart from all other gyms. Members know the difference – more services, amenities, less crowds, friendships and a second home. Challenge: to simply convey these ideals in newspaper and magazine ads.

In early ads, we used existing photos and updated their previous ad campaign design. The previous campaign did feature a pleasing design, but the use of several small photos did not make a connection with readers nor grab attention.

Later, we used stock photography to convey how the clubs benefit the every day lives of their members. This allowed us to move forward without a large expense as we worked on developing a new campaign.

Custom photography (Lindsey Eltinge) was then incorporated to capture actual members at the club. Members talked about what makes each club special to them instead of the over-used testimonial of “how much weight I lost.” First approach was how the club improves their life, and secondly why they love the club. In February of 2010, we even incorporated a marriage proposal via SBAC’s ad campaign (she said yes!).

Most recently, we’ve photographed (Jeff Lipshitz) members doing the activities they love. Some of these members are high-ranked athletes in their field, and they discus how their membership makes these things possible.