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Logos are one of the ultimate design challenges. They should truly represent a company in one small image.

In some cases I spent hours, months and years perfecting a logo for a client. Other times, a simple type treatment organically evolved into the ideal logo.

There are a few key guidelines I use when designing a logo:

(1) Make the logo as timeless as possible. Who wants to invest time and money for a logo that will look old and tired in just a few years? Some inevitable dating will happen due to the nature of art and design. But the original logo should be strong enough to only need a thoughtful refresh after a few decades. There are some instances when a logo actually needs to look ultra-modern and reflect the style of the time. I am more playful with my typestyle and art choices in those cases.

(2) Start in the black and white. Many companies use beautiful, colorful illustrations for a logo. When reproduced in black and white the illustration becomes an ugly, muddled mess. I ensure the logo looks good in color and grayscale by designing the first drafts in black and white. This also prevents the client in getting caught up in the color choices before we have a solid concept.

(3) Design the logo for multiple sizes. I’ve worked on a lot of sponsorship pieces with large groupings of logos. Many logos are completely illegible when ran only one inch in size. Sadly it defeats the purpose and destroys any chance for brand recognition.

Logo design is a fun challenge. I enjoy getting know my client as I delve into research, brainstorming and variations.